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We are a small UK based, family firm specialising in the sourcing and supply of quality cannabis seeds. We pride ourselves on our levels of service and we aim to ensure that you receive what you want, when you want it, at a fair price for all. We are able to process various payment methods including the usual PayPal or Credit / Debit Cards, and will also soon be accepting Crypto payments including Bitcoin & Litecoin - with a crypto-discount...

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While We build the Head Shop…

Here we have the GBM-1.5g Mk2 blunt mould!!

Only £9.50 plus P&P

The GBM-1.5g

The Gi’nSi Blunt Mould - 1.5g capacity

Roll yourself the perfect blunt using our mould. Simple to use and a smooth smoke with the reusable roach and skewer - both with storage locations built in to the mould!

The GBM-1.5g kit comes with two mould half sections, two clamp rings, a poker, a reusable wooden skewer and a plastic reusable roach and is supplied in sealed plastic packaging.

The main components of the mould set have branding either extruded or embossed on various surfaces, some of these can be modified to create a personalised mould.

Contact us HERE for personalisation enquiries!

Pre-production Mk2 batch released - Limited Qty!

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